Vanilla Token Info

Vanilla: ERC-20 Gas Saving Token

Vanilla is simple ERC-20 implementation, for standards-compliant tokens on Ethereum. Is focused on Gas Saving transactions.

It has all the Standard methods of ERC-20 specification

  • Total supply
    Total number of tokens in existence
  • Balance
    Gets the balance of the specified address
  • Transfer
    Send an amount tokens from and to specific addresses-
  • Approve
    Authorize an address to spend the specified amount of tokens on behalf of the owner.
  • Allowance
    Check the number of tokens that an owner allowed to a spender.
  • Transfer from
    Spend tokens that were previously approved by the owner.

Deploy a Vanilla token


To deploy your Coin to any Ethereum network do the following:

  • Login into Metamask in your desired Ethereum network.
    Learn how to install Metamask

  • Click “Coins” – “Add new”
  • Choose your flavor.
    Click on Vanilla checkbox
  • Fill in the name and symbol of the coin.
  • Fill in the decimals
    E.g. 8 means to divide the amount by 100.000.000. Only for display purposes, all operations are always done using 18 decimals.
  • Fill in the initial supply

    The initial supply is the total amount of coins that your contract will have at the moment of creation. The amount is whole number, do not include decimals. This is going to be also the initial balance of the creator’s account.

  • Deploy with Ether:

  • Click on the green “Deploy” button.
  • Read carefully the terms and conditions
    Basically you need to know what you are doing and to know that this actions is irreversible.
  • If you agree and you know what you are doing click on “I have read, understand, and agree to the above statements.”
  • Click “Yes, please proceed”
  • Click “Confirm” in Metamask and wait for your transaction to finish.
  • Then your post will be updated showing the new Ethereum Smart Contract information.