SWACHI Token Presale Countdown

🪂 All purchased tokens will be airdropped on 09.15.21 🪂

UNISWAP Listing: 09.18.21​

Earn Passive Income with SWAPCHIPS

Our concept is simple. Stake our SWACHI token and earn different cryptocurrencies over time.   

Passive Income

By staking SWACHI you can create a source of passive income.

Unstake Anytime

There is no set time limit for staking in our pools. Unstake Anytime.

New Token Pools

We are constantly adding new pools for users to stake and earn rewards!

Upcoming Reward Pools

Starting 09.21.21

Create A Pool

If you have your own ERC20 token and would like to have it featured in one of our pools contact us!


SWACHI token will be required in the future to use the site and join future staking pools. 

The Presale income will be divide 3 ways

💧 40% will be provided as liquidity to the Uniswap exchange listing,
⛏️ 40% will be used to create upcoming reward pools
📣 20% will be used for marketing & development.

🔒 60% of SWACHI has been disbursed into liquidity staking pools ending 01.02.23. These pools will be reactivated for users to earn those SWACHI on 11.01.21

Earn SWACHI by providing liquidity to the market.

UPCOMING POOLS unlocked 11.01.21

Token 💎 List

We are constantly on the look out for new Tokens/Presales/Projects to include in our Gem List.  If we find a project that isn’t a scam and is trending we will list it in our Token Gem List and have the community vote on whether we should create a new Staking Pool featuring that token.

If you would like to have your token featured on our Gem List feel free to reach out to us.  

Road Map